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Mistress Vixen Heavy Weight

A full half hour of Mistress Vixen - you lucky lucky people! Mistress Vixen is wearing an amazing outfit that shows her gorgeous bum and ample breasts off to amazing effect. Her slave arrives and greats his Mistress in customary fashion by worshiping her oh so long heels on her stunning thigh high boots. Mistress Vixen notices the slave has filthy feet, a good enough excuse to beat him! He is flogged with a good heavy flogger, it makes a great sound as do her boots. The slaves ankles and wrists are tied and his cock and balls are also tightly tied to stop them escaping Mistress Vixen's attention. Its time for weights! Some very heavy weights are attached and he is forced to swing them to cause him pain and to amuse her. Next, the slave laying on his back has Mistress Vixen sitting on his face whilst she attaches many many very painful pegs to his cock and balls. She attaches more and more. Don't feel sorry for him he gets to inhale the glorious scent of his divine Mistress, his nose and tongue so close to heaven. This is a video filmed over a year ago but only just recovered from tape for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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Duration 31:00

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