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Mistress Vixen Prickles

Mistress Vixen restrains her naked slave on a bench. For a moment it appears as though Mistress Vixen is going of offer a gentle massage. However, she notices his naked nipples and applies some clamps very tightly to sort out that little problem and make them look pretty. A pin wheel is used on his inner thigh and then cock and balls, oh how Mistress Vixen likes the effect Her pinwheel has. To say she is aggressive with the wheel would be an understatement. His balls and cock are abused by Mistress Vixen’s amazing heels, it just seems to make his stupid cock grow and become an even better target for her pin wheel! Mistress Vixen snaps on a pair of latex gloves and starts using her horrible sounds, they range from big to enormous! Mistress Vixen skips the smaller sounds and starts to probe deep inside the slave’s cock. With a little pressure the wider and wider sounds find their way into the heart of his weakness. Mistress Vixen isn’t impressed that his cock can’t accommodate her biggest sound – time for needles! Mistress Vixen has lots of needles and enjoys using them! To be honest I have never had needles pushed through my cock but I can take it from the look on this slaves face and how he gasps that it is somewhat uncomfortable! Some don’t look quite as pretty as they should – they get removed and reinserted! To top it off Mistress Vixen then runs her pin wheel up and down the line of needles – nasty!

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Duration 25:26

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