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Mistress Vixen Hearts Minds

Mistress Vixen ball busting, thats the long and short of it! Mistress Vixen is dressed in latex and leatyher thigh boots, she restrains her naked slave and teases her slave briefly before brutally busting his balls. Mistress Vixen likes to encourage her slaves not to wimp out and so promisses to remove clothing the more he takes. Sadly for the slave the first items removed are the boots, you might thunk that would slow Mistress Vixen down but she loves the fell of her foot smashing into male balls. After much more brutal ball busting in her bare feet she makes the slave kiss her foot better, all the busting is making her feet sore. Eventually he takes enough that Mistress Vixen is down to her bra and nickers, by that time the slave is well broken and has other things occupying his mnd. This video is a remastered version of Mistress Vixen in Matchester part 2, the video is the same length and content but has better sound and video quality

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Duration 21:46

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