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Mistress Vixen The Session Part 1

This video features Mistress Vixen and is filmed in one of the rooms at her new dungeon/studio. The first 2 minutes feature Mistress Vixen preparing for the session, lots of lovely shots of her amazing body. The main part of the video shows Mistress Vixen as she takes an already marked slave and decides she wants his existing marks to be much more prominent. The slave is secured to the cross after which Mistress Vixen draws by scraping her sharp heels down his claves. The initial warm up is by a riding crop, we get some nice close ups of Mistress Vixen selecting the implement before she does what she does best, it’s a fairly aggressive warmup and only increases in ferocity when the slave slips up. The start of the main beating begins as Mistress Vixen selects her awesome red, black and white bullwhip, again we get some nice close ups as she toys with it first, before putting it to its intended use. One thing I love, as well as the whole clip, is how Mistress Vixen seems to have perfected the slow intimidating walk with her heels clicking on the floor – its very effective, as is her punishment!

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Duration 15:32

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