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Mistress Vixen The Session Part 2

As part two starts the bullwhipping of the slaves back continues, Mistress Vixen asks if it tickles, clearly it doesn't! I do love how Mistress Vixen looks in this clip, not your typical leather and lace but elegance and beauty, she also walks with delicious slow deliberation as she prowls the floor. There is almost 4 minutes of beautiful single tail whipping as the males wretched flesh is torn and welted. Mistress Vixen revels in the effect that whip has had, she decides it should be supplemented by another vicious implement her gorgeous savage dressage whip. That whip screams viciously through the air before cruelly damaging the slave. Its been a long time since we saw Mistress Vixen inflict some real damage to a slave, and this video doesn’t disappoint, the slave is cruelly torn up by the end. As Mistress Vixen feels that deep glowing satisfaction of a sadist swelling inside her she also notices some of his splattered on the floor. Someone has to clean it up, and it isn’t going to be the gorgeous dominant lady! Mistress Vixen makes the slave licks the floor clean, and then ties the slave so he can’t quite reach the floor, then kicks and abuses him for not being able to do so. I recommend this video to all, hopefully we will soon be seeing more of Mistress Vixen back at her brutal beautiful best in terrific high quality video!

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Duration 15:16

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