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Mistress Vixen Weights

Mistress Vixen examines her collection of ball weights – that’s a lot of weight. She has a slave with balls already being stretched by an evil humbler. The slave is dragged backwards by the humbler. Mistress Vixen hangs some “medium” sized weights off the humbler and then caresses his painful balls with her beautiful boots. Mistress Vixen makes the slave select the first of the weights that will drag his balls to the floor – he is an experienced slave and knows he needs to pick heavy ones or else Mistress Vixen will do so. She makes him attach the weights to his balls – as he does so Mistress Vixen magically makes many more weights appear! I am sure it isn’t any easier clamping weights on your balls as Mistress Vixen sits provocatively in front of you! The slave wimps out due to the pain of clamping three weights around his balls – Mistress Vixen isn’t amused and confirms she will attach additional weights to make up for it. Mistress Vixen sits comfortably and starts to hang her metal work from the slave’s balls. She makes him promise to impress her with his efforts – that seems unlikely! Mistress Vixen makes the slave follow her amazingly beautiful and firm bottom as she walks around the room. Having thoroughly amused herself Mistress Vixen then decides to make her slave crawl up the stairs, weights still attached, to fetch her a cigarette. Once he gets up the stairs it turns out Mistress Vixen had cigarettes in her chair all the time – evil just evil, but oh so beautiful!

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Duration 24:39

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