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Mistress Vixen Gritty in Pink

This video has Mistress Vixen, standing on a very sandy floor, her slave is instructed to worship her boots but does a pathetic job, she slaps her slaves face, spits on him, ties him kneeling to a post, and then slaps his face plenty more! A bit of breath control, nipple touture is followed by flogging on chest and balls. The slave is gegged and used as a human ashtray whilst his body is burnt. He is released from his bondage and told he will be able to wank his cock after a little more boot worship. His cock stays flacid despote worshipping Mistress Vixen's divine bottom and glorious boots. Mistress Vixen is very annoyed and verbaly humiliates him before flogging his ass so he gets punished rather than being able to cum. He worhips Mistress Vixen's boots once more and is then left abandond to consider his stupidity in wasting such an oppertunity.

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Duration 21:35

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