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Mistress Vixen Feel The Steel (2017)

It may have been a while since that last update but oh boy does Mistress Vixen have a treat for you. She walks into the cage containing her naked kneeling cuffed slave, She drags him to his feet and winches his arms up strappado style so his head is forced down, perfect to worship the top of her boots. He is a hungry slave and goes about it with enthusiasm. Mistress Vixen forces a huge expanding butt plug up the slave’s ass as he kneels struggling with the plug he is forced to worship Mistress Vixen’s superb boots. Did I mention how amazing Mistress Vixen looks in this video just awesome! Now his butt is stretched he is forced to stand and impale himself on a huge metal plu mounted on a pole, he struggles to stay on tip toe to limit how deep it goes, Mistress Vixen isn’t having any of that so kicks his legs wide forcing his plug deeper. Mistress Vixen is really enjoying herself, she attaches a spiked parachute to his balls, and then lots of lovely heavy weights to add yet more discomfort. Just when you think she must have done enough Mistress Vixen clamps some serious nipple clamps on. The slave’s enthusiasm seems to have faded somewhat and he is struggling under the onslaught, he makes a mistake back chatting Mistress Vixen and her retribution is both rapid and harsh. This is a superb video, the slave does well, has great adoration for his Mistress and Mistress Vixen’s sadism seems to feed on that adoration.

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Duration 36:09

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