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Mistress Vixen Rod Rage

Mistress Vixen restrains her slave on a bench, zips his hood shut so he can fully concenrate on the pain/pleasure mix. Mistress Vixen attaches some savage suction cups to his nipples and then tourments the poor slave, she has just taken his vision from him and now sits astride his face. She moves lower to concentrate on his cock and balls. Deep heat is ij=njected into his urethra and then multiple cold hard metal sounds invade him - I suspect the cold of the sound is of limited help in easing the cruel unrelenting burn of the deep heat. After the sounds Mistress Vixen rubs loads and loads of deep heat all over his cock and balls. To judge by the way his feet squirm I am guessing it is quite intense! Eventually Mistress Vixen relents from adding more pain to his coick and balls, content to let the deep heat continue its evil work. Mistress Vixen made sure she didn't get any deep heat on her fingers, she is enjoying his pain and rubs her pussy sharing some of her heavly juices with him before riding his face. He is getting lots of sensation on his cock, just not the one he so desperatly hopes for! Mistress Vixen tourments his tourtured nipples before allowing him to wank. Now this is quite intense, his tounge on the sheer farbic seperating him from Mistress Vixen's heavenly pussy, his hand free to wank, but his cock ánd nipples hurting really bad. He does eventually get to shoot his load, but oh how that must burn!

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Duration 25:00

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