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Mistress Vixen Every Inch

Mistress Vixen looks absolutely stunning in stilettoes, a short skirt, fishnet stockings and a stunning red corset. She makes her naked slave sit between her amazing legs whilst she smokes and uses his filthy mouth as her ashtray. Of course, being Mistress Vixen, the slave also suffers from her stilettoes pressing harshly into his nipples and his flesh being burnt by her cigarette – he is between her legs don’t feel sorry for him! Mistress Vixen extinguishes her cigarette on his tongue and makes him eat the butt. Next the slave is made to lay on the hard floor whilst Mistress Vixen tramples all over his back, these are some impressive heels and she loses no opportunity to dig them in and scrap the across his worthless body. Whilst all this is happening there is plenty of time to observe the gorgeous body that we are all so lucky Mistress Vixen allows us to gaze upon. Trampling isn’t all Mistress Vixen has in mind for these heels, she makes her slave worship and kiss the beautiful shoes, before then deciding the heel of her shoe needs to be trust deep into his cock. If you have ever wondered what having Mistress Vixen’s heel thrust deep down your cock looks like there is a nice POV section where you get a slave’s eye view of what it would be like – great view of Mistress Vixen but nasty all the same I suspect. Mistress Vixen thrusts her heel nice and deep down his cock, all the way it goes, in and out, the power and trust, one slip and oh what damage might she do! He of course must suck his filth off the heel once its extracted. Mistress Vixen enjoys another cigarette, I am not sure the slave enjoyed it so much as most of the time it is searing away at his flesh, and when it isn’t Mistress Vixen’s heel is once again causing him pain. The cigarette is stubbed out on his belly and the slave is instructed to leave her company, locking himself in chastity as he leaves.

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Duration 15:03

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