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Lady Dark Angel Crushed Balls

This is the first of a series of videos where Mistress Vixen produces the clips using her amazing new camera and the star of the video is the amazing Lady Dark Angel, Mistress Vixen does not appear in the clip. Lady Dark Angel has her slave restrained and his balls in a cruel humbler. As she attaches his humbler to a winch and increases the agony we get a great view of Lady Dark Angels amazing body Lady Dark Angel has a great way of talking to the slave as she crushes his already horrifically purple balls, the crushing plate has evil spikes to concentrate the pain. Lady Dark Angel decides to sit on his face to muffle the screams as she tightens the spiked clamp, she must enjoy the fear and pain under her gorgeous ass as she certainly makes the spikes bite! Somehow that level of pain isn’t enough for her so she attaches red pegs to his pathetic floppy cock – she wasn’t impressed it was floppy when she is sitting on his face. Lady Dark Angel smacks the pegs around and “tickles” the balls all the time enjoying the suffering her gorgeous ass muffles. Somehow Lady Dark Angel has missed pegging his nipples, she rectifies that and oh how he suffers pathetic whelps and whimpers, which just seem to encourage Lady Dark Angel – though he now gets to kiss her perfect ass so that must ease the pain though she certainly makes him work for any contact. Nipple clamps come off, and Lady Dark Angels uses her gorgeous boots to grind the pain in, pegs off pain is soooo bad! After removing the pegs from his balls, she tightens the spiked clamp crushing his balls just a bit more before leaving him to contemplate his pain. I love the amazing picture quality Mistress Vixen has achieved, bright studio shows Lady Dark Angel off at her gorgeous best. I haven’t seen many Lady Dark Angel clips but I can confirm she is evil as hell whilst gorgeous at the same time and has that rare quality of also being great how she speaks to an ridicules the suffering of the slave. I look forward eagerly to the next clip in this series.

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Duration 14:48

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